Tuesday, 31 January 2012

{ Craft Corner } Projects

~ Projects ~

For this week's Craft Corner I thought I'd introduce the two active projects that I have running at the moment. First project is a cushion cover using a pattern from the magazine "The Art of Crochet". An old cushion resurfaced and desperately requires a new cover and crochet comes to the rescue!

I've chosen colours which match the granny stitch cover I did last year in a hope to have them matching on the sofa. This is quite a wavey chevron but it's a very straight forward pattern to build up (using treble stitch in clusters). So far I've done the front panel (as seen in the picture above) and I'm trying to decide how to do the back - either in two pieces with a button fastening, as in the original design, or a simple rectangle or even granny stitch. Which do you think would be best?

Project two is a more longterm venture but it's turning out to be one of my most exciting! Hexagons are a favourite shape of mine, alongside triangles...don't ask, and they make for an easy shape to stitch together. 

Hopefully, once I've made enough of these hexagons, it'll make up into a double bed sized blanket. The pattern is from a forum post I found after searching for hexagon afghan ideas on Google. However, after trying it out, I've had to make a few adjustments. Today I had a rummage around in the various piles of wool we have in the house and have come up with three new colour combinations to try out next. I've been doing two hexagons in each colour for a bit of variation ...but not so much that I have to keep picking new colours with every shape. That's one of the advantages of 'afghan' blankets - you can use any scraps of wool you have hanging around! Do you find you prefer 'afghan' patterns or those which slowly accumulate line by line?

I'll be sure to keep you posted (tehe) as these items develop. Another of my resolutions is to "only have 2 running crochet projects at any one time" so I shouldn't be bringing any new projects to the table until I've completed one of these.

Hope you're all doing well and looking forward to the rest of the week! I'll be starting the rest of my proposed features as the days roll by.

Love and lacery,

Sunday, 29 January 2012

{ New Year, New Opportunities }

Ok, so I've been seriously neglecting this place since I set it all up in August of last year and it's time for that to change! Since the new year I've been trying to stick to a few resolutions including...

 "make the most of every opportunity"

... and I fully intend to! As well as the usual 'projects I've been working on' and 'upcoming plans' I'll also be introducing a couple of new features! The first is "Crochet in Layman's terms" which I hope will help all of you budding crocheters out there, and a couple of interior design type threads to give you all a little inspiration. There will also be the usual recipes and other crafty posts along with my learnings of new crafts, including patchwork (too excited!) and photos of people / places / themes to pass on the feelings they imparted upon me. Generally, I hope to use this blog as a space to talk about things which are on my mind and to publish ideas. I'd be extremely happy if you choose to follow along and I hope that you've all had a fantastic Christmas and start to a happy new year!

Love and lacery,