Thursday, 9 August 2012

{ Interior Inspiration } Updates

I'm not too sure what's been happening these past few weeks - I just haven't been finding the inspiration to sit here with my laptop and write a blog post. I suppose I've been working lots of hours at the museum and so haven't been experimenting with craft as much as I had in the past. Anyway, today I finally got blogging back on the brain!

I just have a couple of updates for items I've mentioned in the past as 'works in progress'. The first is a crochet cushion I started a good six months or so ago. 

I was really interested to give the wavey pattern a try and was pleasantly surprised at how straight forward it was - if not a little tedious. However, after finishing that panel a good while ago, I never got round to deciding what to do with the back. In the end, I went with good-ole' Granny stitch in the same colour threads. At least this way it's multi-functioning with both sides presenting a nice cushion. One issue was the plain cushion I used for the inside - it's rather floppy and squidgy and so doesn't hold its shape very well, but never mind. It fits in nicely with the other cushions adorning the sofa anyway!

The second update is for the driftwood clock I've had my mind wrapped around since the end of June. Whilst sauntering along the beach in Cornwall I managed to find a few good pieces of driftwood and a selection of pretty pebbles.

Now all that's left is to decide on the design and get gluing! I think I'll use all of the flat pieces to make a block in the centre and use the gnarly bit of wood as a flourish for the top. I'll then use the pebbles to mark the 'hours' around the middle. What do you think?

Well that's all for today. Tomorrow I'll share a few snaps we've taken on our walks around The Drift. 

Have you been up to anything crafty lately?

Love and lacery,