Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Last Weekend of July

This past weekend there was a mix of family weddings, sunny walks around local tourist spots and beautifully lit strolls along the water. What a perfect way to spend time - with family and wonderful surroundings.

A bride and her maids. With a theme of vintage elegance this image really encapsulates the beautiful florals and lace details that had been pulled together for this special day.

The reception was held in a refurbished barn situated along the river and we couldn't resist walking along the river's edge in the twilight sun.


Foxton Locks is a series of 10 locks designed to higher or lower the canal barges as they travel through the quaint village of Foxton, Leicestershire. As these large boats travel through the system there is quite a spectacle created as barge owners scramble to open and close the necessary gates and when the sun is shining, a gentle stroll along the canal's edge is exceptionally soothing.

Here's to the last few weeks of the summer sun and warmth!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Midsummer's Eve

With a twilight show dancing across the sky it's time to venture to the nearest peaceful spot to watch the world go by.... and take some photos. The air was beautifully still and only a gaggle of geese settling for the night broke the peace. After the long humid days we've been having recently the clear air was a welcome relief.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer Breeze

Summer has arrived and with it come adventures to a whole host of fabulous destinations. With our first week from work we made a 5 hour drive to Cornwall - one of my favourite places.

Sometimes you need a break from the humdrum of life to spend some time with the sun, sea and sand. Here's to more adventures throughout the coming months!