Sunday, 20 October 2013


Sometimes inspiration strikes and you feel you have to take a photo of whatever it is you're up to, be it admiring a pretty flower or contemplating a gloomy sky. Here are a few things that I've been filling my time with for these past few days:

- Anticipating the blooming of the Chrysanthemum flowers in the garden
- Planning my autumn and winter wardrobe: seriously coveting a Fedora hat and swing dress (
- Expanding the collection of indoor flowers on our designated greenery table
- Wearing woollen tights with sheer layers
- Enjoying the arrival of the Hallowe'en decorations
- Celebrating family birthdays
- Finding the rainbow in those gloomy times
- Walking even though the rain has dampened the ground
- Photographing the beautiful blooms on our new 'Carefree Days' rose

I find it's nice to stop and appreciate even the smallest of details. I hope you can find the same pleasure in your days.